Establishing code quality practices is essential for any software development team. However, it’s a time-consuming and repetitive task unless we leverage tools to automate the process.

This article will guide you through different strategies and tools available for modern-day code quality automation.

The Need for Continuous Quality

Code quality isn’t a one-time thing. Therefore, as…

As developers, selecting either Monorepo or Polyrepo approach is something we decide at the beginning of a project. And the final decision is made considering the scope, team dynamics, cohesion of modules &, etc.

And what if I tell you that your decision might get challenged with an emerging technology…

Dependency injection is a pattern that reduces hardcoded dependencies. It promotes composability by enabling one dependency to be replaced by another of the same type.

This article will evaluate the dependency injection support in React and how we can extend it using InversifyJS.

Why Dependency Injection?

Dependency Injection (or, more broadly, inversion of…

Vue.js and React.js are two popular frontend (FE) JavaScript frameworks among web developers worldwide at present, of which React.js has been able to secure the top spot in the Frontend Framework Rankings for three consecutive years. These frameworks furnish a great approach towards web applications. Each framework has its own…

Minura Samaranayake

Tech Enthusiast | Undergraduate | University of Peradeniya | Faculty of Science | Department of Statistics and Computer Science

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